Mountain Hunting


Mountain Hunting is essentially the most venerable tradition and pursuit known to humankind. Now, in 2019, it requires going to the very edge of everything you associate with modern society. You need to run The Grid all the way out. You need to take smaller and smaller and ever smaller planes until finally you reach the end of the line from which traveling any further North or West (or whatever) is only possible by private or chartered conveyance: i.e. bush planes, helicopters, horses, etc.

And from there it’s still a 10-day fully self-supported backpack through a primordial wilderness filled with alpha predators, aurora borealis and literal silence just to arrive at the “start line.”  Not to mention weeks if not months of preparation in regards to kit and fitness, as well as some serious cash and a large duffel bag should you be returning to the real world with a dead animal(s).

In the lead up to their now famous, groundbreaking consumer direct launch, Kuiu Founder Jason Hariston commissioned 1000% to create a brand and storytelling campaign showcasing and exalting the venerable tradition of Mountain Hunting. From Strategy,  Brand ID and Copywriting to an entire universe of photography and storytelling we brought Kuiu to life as a best-in-class brand, and memorialized one of humanity’s greatest pursuits.

1) Stone Sheep Hunt British Columbia.

2) Grizzly Bear Hunt in Western Alaska.

3) Dall Sheep and Mountain Caribou Hunt in the N.W.T.

4) Elk Bow Hunt in Wyoming.

If you start to fall into the river, don’t.
Arctic Red River Outfitters Guide, in the N.W.T.

Launched a best-in-class brand into a tired market, completely disrupting the status quo.

One million in sales in year one.

Created ultralight hunting category.

Defined Mountain Hunting.


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