Manual For Speed

    What began as a Contemporary Study of Speed and Spectacle is now, seven years later, a sprawling semi-episodic Fan Art Odyssey. When and why it stopped being the one and became the other is not important. Had Emiliano and I, circa 2012, the time of MFS’s inception, done a deep dive into our motivations and imaginations, literal facts and observations would not have been at the top of our list while lateral vibes would have. What are lateral vibes? Who knows, who cares? Whatever they are, the implication is this: it turns out we’re motivated less by the processβ€”journalists with a journalistic POV inclined and committed to the documentation of realityβ€”and more by our painfully simple Love & Fascination with the sport of cycling.Β 

    For the athleticism and the competition, sure. For the history and romance, sure. Totally. But what about the Mutts & Butts, the French sneakers, the HARIBO-ejaculating and noise-polluting caravan, and the fact that watching dusty AF racers pound Fantas in a field among the dead and wounded NEVER gets old?

    Wait for it.
    Alex Howes
    Nate Brown
    Tom Skujins