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Hot Spring

    Just like watering holes, Mountain Man Rendezvous encampments, Bus Stops, Food Courts, midday corners in various cities around America and Skate Parks; Hot Springs are a classic Public Gathering Nexus. However unlike most PGNs, Hot Springs possess a gravity incommensurate with their intended use/design because while many Hot Springs Enthusiasts come come for healing vibes and the therapeutic water, just as many if not more come for the Hot Spring Enthusiasts themselves, aka the scene.

    A short list of non healing vibes and therapeutic water reasons to visit a Hot Spring: To get naked in public. To be seen naked in public. To see other people naked in public. To sell people in various states of dress marijuana and other drugs. To chill. In the pursuit of a captive audience. For warmth. To swim. To meet German dudes and literal buss loads of Koreans. To steal underwear and shoes.