Because Bikes Survey Series

Because Bikes Matter


Cycling is changing and everybody is talking about it; brands, industry players, race organizers, athletes, folks on the street, everyone.

Amateur Racing is dying.

Pro teams are folding.

Interbike is done.

World Tour Racing is no longer “The One True North.”

Fondos, Gravel Racing, Endurance Epics, Brevets and Experiential Events, are all (now) a substantial part of the story.

Clearly,  in 2020 and beyond, the future of cycling is diverse, interdisciplinary and inclusive.

But what do all these changes mean? Especially for Industry Stakeholders. Where (exactly) is cycling headed and how (exactly) are getting there? It’s time to stop guessing. It’s time for dialogue, discourse, and some serious deep-diving. It’s time for an ambitious national “conversation” with the people that matter the most; everyone who rides a bike, irrespective of discipline and ability levels. It’s time to recognize that a lot of what’s happening in cycling is happening from the ground up. With that in mind, let’s ask real cyclists a series of engaging questions about real stuff, and then, finally, let’s build an informed Road Map—Facts, Specifics, Insights—to the future of our sport.

Because Bikes Matter

The Survey Series

Thematic, On Point, Fresh
Visually Engaging!
Fun (BuzzFeed)
Short, sweet.




  1. Who are You
  2. Inclusivity and Women
  3. Fondo
  4. Solo vs Social
  5. Equipment
  6. Olympics
  7. Training
  8. Amateur Racing
  9. World Tour Fan
  10. Mixed Surfaces
  11. Pro/Industry 
  12. What If

Because Bikes Matter


Promote through celebrity/athlete/influencer endorsement videos just like current I Joined series—:10-:15s, opportunistic, limited to non-existent cost; we’re already working with them.

Make targeted and obvious pairings between celebrity and Survey theme: Justin Williams endorses the Crit Survey, Phil Gaimon endorses the Fondo Series, etc.

Activation: Take the Survey and you’re automatically entered to win free USA Cycling Because Bikes merchandise.

Make the Survey Series a National Call to Action: ROCK THE VOTE.

Partners: Possible strategic media and brand partners: per individual Survey based on thematic relevance, and for the whole series.

Rollout Part 1: Endorsement Video Teaser.

Rollout Part 2: Publish the actual Survey shortly after a teaser campaign.

Rollout Part 3: Publish a consumer-facing version of the results at the end of the survey.

Because Bikes Matter


6 Surveys

6 Celebrity Endorsement Video: Rock The Vote

6 Reports & Findings

6 Because Bikes Matter “micro-campaigns” as social media content

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